Dr. McHugh is a board certified urologist who has practiced in Gainesville, Georgia for over 30 years. He is from LaGrange, Georgia, attended North Georgia College and was a member of the Corp of Cadets. He went to medical school at the Medical College of Georgia where he was the president of his class. He then stayed in Augusta to complete his urological residency program. He and his wife of 42 years, Karen, have lived in Gainesville his entire career.

Over the last thirty years he has performed several thousand vasectomies. He uses the No Scalpel technique to minimize the discomfort of the procedure as well as to quicken the recovery time of the patient.

Since Northeast Georgia Urological Associates has its own ambulatory surgery center the patient desiring a vasectomy has two anesthesia options.

  1. The traditional method is for the patient to have the vasectomy in our office. In this scenario the patient is given a pre-medication of a sedative and a pain pill one hour before the procedure. The sedative addresses the anxiety which is commonly seen in men prior to a vasectomy. The pain pill along with the local anesthesia assures a pain-free experience.
  2. For the patient who prefers to be “completely out” we perform the vasectomy in our ambulatory surgery center. Our staff will contact your insurance company to estimate your allowable fees and out of pocket expenses.
  3. The self pay patient’s all inclusive cost for a no scalpel vasectomy is $950.00.
  4. The self pay patient’s all inclusive cost for general anesthesia is $1200.00 and this assures a anxiety and pain free experience. This is options is recommended for those patients in whom anything “medical” causes anxiety. (You know who you are!)

We offer the second option because we know that fear of pain is common impediment to a male considering a vasectomy. Knowing that the procedure can be done at minimal extra expense and that one will go asleep and when he wakes up…it’s over we have found is very appealing to the majority of our patients.  This changes a sometimes fretful experience to a delightful one. The anesthesia used is similar to what is used for colonoscopies and although it is “general anesthesia” it does not require any tubes to be placed to assist with breathing. If you have any anxiety that is preventing you and your wife to proceed with a vasectomy this option is the way to go.

Although Dr. McHugh performs hundreds of vasectomies a year, he is one of the most experienced urological microsurgeons in Georgia. He performs the microscopic vasectomy reversal using a Zeiss operating microscope with microscopic instruments and suture, in his practice owned and accredited urological surgery center with anesthesia provided by board certified anesthesiologists. Since our surgery center opened in 2008 he has performed over 500 microscopic vasectomy reversals.

A vasectomy takes about 15 minutes or less to perform whereas a microscopic reversal takes approximately two and a half hours.

Whether you are content with your family and wish to have a  vasectomy or want to add to your family after a vasectomy with a vasectomy reversal, we are here to help.

You can schedule an appointment for a consultation regarding either 24/7 by providing your phone number and we will call with an appointment. We look forward to working with you.